Sung by Murata


悠久の時間と 夢幻のあわれは

太陽によりそい 姿を移して
月は 、対をなす

彼は 祈ると云っていた

ああ 月にむら雲 、花には風が荒ぶ
ああ 未来永劫くりかえされる 、和み 災い
封じられた 命も また蘇る

御こころ英知に 選ばれし者よ
自我を 呼び覚ませ

運命に抗い 宿命を御して 、
試練 学びなさい

凍る 静かの海に 、
伏せた 言霊を沈める

ああ 満ちては欠ける うたかたの夢 、挫折
ああ それは器の次元を示す 、無限 有限
螺旋 描き 力は高まっていく

燃えつきるとも おそれを知らない程に

ああ 眠れる牙の 、明日は 変えていける
ああ その暁に はかなき露tと消える月食
けれど僕は 、いつも君を見とどける


Yuukyuu no jikan to mugen no aware wa
Boku no naka ni aru

Taiyou ni yorisoi sugata wo utsushite
Tsuki wa, tsui wo nasu

Keshite wasurenu youni
Kare wa inoru to itte ita

Aa Tsuki ni muragumo, hana niwa kaze ga susabu
Aa Mirai eigou kurikaesareru, nagomi wazawai
Fuujirareta inochi mo mata yomigaeru

Migokoro no eichi ni erabareshi monoyo
Jiga wo yobisamase

Unmei ni aragai shukumei wo gyoshite,
Shiren manabinasai

Kooru shizuka no umi ni,
Fuseta kotodama wo shizumeru

Aa Michite wa kakeru utakata no yume, zasetsu
Aa Sore wa utsuwa no jigen wo shimesu, mugen yuugen
Rasen egaki chikara wa takamatte yuku~

Moetsukiru tomo osore wo shiranai hodo ni
Atsuku ikinuku kimi wo shinjiyou

Aa Nemureru kiba no, ashita wa kaete yukeru
Aa Sono akatsuki ni hakanaki tsuyu to kieru gesshoku
Keredo boku wa, itsumo kimi wo mitodokeru

English Edit

Perpetual time and pitiful dreams
are held within me.

Snuggled next to the sun, my shape was transformed
and turned into the moon.

It was erased, but I didn't seem to forget,
as he said a prayer.

Ah! Under this moon partly covered by clouds, the wind is too strong for the flowers.
Ah! Eternally forced to repeat themselves, the calm and the catastrophes.
This sealed life too, is revived again.

You, the chosen one with wisdom in your beautiful heart,
wake up my sense of self.

Fight your destiny, control it,
learn how to survive ordeals.

My soul is prone to sinking, into this frozen Sea of Tranquility.

Ah! I can't complete it yet, this ephemeral dream. I get frustrated.
Ah! That shows how big the vase is (*1),  infinite, finite.
A force in the shape of a spiral that keeps growing.

Burned out and afraid of the things I don't know,
I'll believe in you, who survives thanks to your passion.

Ah! If I could change the future with these sleeping fangs.
Ah! In the mornings, the dew may be ephemeral and the lunar eclipse may disappear
but I will make sure that you're always there.

Translation notes Edit

(*1) The dimension of the vase refers to one's intelligence.  In Japan it is said, that each person's mind is like a vase. If you have a small vase you are not smart, because even if you keep pouring knowledge into it, it'll just spill out.

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