1. Live Drama - MuraKenzu-
  2. Prologue
  3. Opening
  4. Live drama- There's Valentine's Day  even in Shin-Makoku ?! First Part
  5. Live drama -  There's Valentine's Day even in Shin-Makoku ?! Last Part
  6. Talk corner
  7. MC
  8. Taiyou wo Mitsumeteiru / Saiga Mitsuki
  9. Owaranai Bouken/ Saiga Mitsuki
  10. Perpetual Moon /Kouki Miyata
  11. Lake of Love / Inoue Kazuhiko
  12. Love Me Tender / Tomoyuki Morikawa
  13. Introduction of the Band
  14. Eternal ring /Tomoyuki Morikawa
  15. Ending
  16. Vandavia Ondo / Takeda Masanori
  17. Credits

- Story -There's Valentine's Day even in Shin-Makoku ?!- (tracks 2-5)

Murakenzu: Valentine related

There's Valentine's day in Shin Makoku too? : Shouri is playing a dating sim, Yuuri goes in, they talk about Valentine's Day and how Shouri has never gotten chocolates from a girl. He gives an example of what the tsundere girl would say when giving him chocolates. Murata arrives and they go to Shin Makoku.

In Shin Makoku Josak, Dacascos, Gunter and Wolfram are getting ready to welcome Yuuri. Gunter and Wolf are fighting for who will 'win' Yuuri's love. They acquired the information from Anissina and Josak confirmed with Cornad. Both Gunter and Wolf have boxes with something in it to give to Yuuri.

Yuuri arrives and Gunter first, and then Wolf start throwing beans at him. Yuuri  asks what's going on. It seems they mistook a Setsubun (traditional end winter) tradition with Valentine's Day. Yuuri explains what his ideal for a Valentine's Day would be 'getting homemade chocolates', 'from the person directly (not left on the desk)' , ' and a confession'. He mentions he's never gotten any chocolates, so Gunter runs off to make a grand Valentine's Day Ball for him.

Meanwhile Wolfram asks Conrad to introduce him to the kitchen maid to learn how to cook. Yuuri asks Wolfram if he's planning on making chocolates for him, after hearing that he wanted some, and Wolfram gives the same reply that the tsundere character in Shouri's game gave him ' It's not like I'm making them for you, they're for Greta!'. And runs away.

In the end Conrad and Yuuri end up talking . Yuuri asks some advice on what to say when you get a confession (not that he'll be getting anything but just to know a little bit about it). Conrad says he's not good with words, but then he says that it's not important for him to be the companion of the person he loves. He just wants that person to be happy.

And that the only thing he wants is for him to be able to be next to that person, when something bad happens to them and they stop smiling. And Yuuri wonders why, so Conrad says: So I can make them laugh with my jokes. Conrad starts telling his dad jokes and the drama ends.

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