• NatsumiMichiko

    An Afternoon Tea

    December 11, 2010 by NatsumiMichiko

    Hi fellow kkm fans! As you can see, I am the same "NatsumiMichiko" from and here is a presentable ShinDai fic of mine, "An Afternoon Tea". By the way, ShinDai is a boyxboy couple so for all homophobes and to those who do not like, then do not read. You do not want to know the feeling of reading something you do not like. One time I attempted reading a SasuSaku fic and after a few sentences, I almost ended up puking, no offense to SasuSaku fans out there! Peace, guys!

    I do not own Kyo Kara Maoh nor any of its characters. Or Yuuri and Wolfram got married already and Shinou and Daikenja were engaged or something.

    One afternoon, a certain blonde ditched his duties and dropped by the tent of the high officials in his army. He made…

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