Ura Ashita wa MA no tsuku kaze ga fuku 
In English- Tomorrow the Ma Wind will blow.

The difference between the Original gorgeous version and the Honke special version, is that the Honke special version has one extra track (number ten in the following list)

Track list
1. Prologue (5:17)
2. Bad morning goal (6:59)
3. Let's GO on boat trip!(8:18)
4. Meanwhile in Shin Makoku (8:15)
5. Doki-Doki -Town of the Steamy hot springs - (6:20)
6.The life of a monk covered in earthly desires(8:01)
7. The play of Hell Paradise (7:20)
8. Home & Home (6:49)
9. If I could go back, after going back.(3:38)
10. Mini-drama: The Pains of His Excellency Gwendal (7:40) Honke version only!
11. Epilogue (3:13)
12. Talk with the cast --- translation not available----

This cd contains various side stories of Ashita wa MA no tsuku kaze ga fuku.

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