The Three Royal Families were families that ruled over the continent where Shimaron now resides. This period is now referred to as the "era of the three families rule".

Three FamiliesEdit

Gillespie (ギレスビー家) Edit

Was defeated after a battle in Zomeruce (now known as Somers, at the eastern tip of Big Shimaron).[1]

Belal (ベラール家) Edit

Defeted after a battle in Col Nilzon. The only survivor, Page Belal, was imprisoned on May Island. 20 years later he was transferred to Big Shimaron and changed his name to Weller. There have been five generations since.[2]

Rahi (ラーヒ家) Edit

ガルシオネGershione(現ガーションGershon)に蟄居、幽閉の後、二十四年後にVilmos Rahiフィルモス・ラーヒの死亡を確認、 血統断絶。[3]


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