• Well , Gisela seem to be really attached to Julia since she still morn for her death.

    So , Does she knows that Yuri is infact Julia's Reincarnation ? 

    I wanted to know her own reaction about Julia still living around her in form of Yuri.

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    • If my memory serves me well, Gisela does not know. There are very few people who actually do know. Conrad knows because he personally took Julia's soul to be reborn in Yuuri, a few other people know that this happened but not necessarily whose soul it was that was used. Adalbert did find out eventually in the novels that it was Julia's soul and he has conflicted feelings about it but he does warm up to Yuuri a bit from that.

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    • It would be so cool if Gisela found out about this.

      She always morn for Julia , I really wish to see her reaction when she realize that her previous Julia has returned as Yuri.

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