• The lyrics were written by Takabayashi so I really, really want to know the episode where it was played. Anyone? Anywhere? *cries* Thanks! :3

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    • Mienai te to te was not in an episode. Taisetsu na mono was in episode 97 and mienai te to te was the B side to that single.

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    • KudouUsagi wrote:
      Mienai te to te was not in an episode. Taisetsu na mono was in episode 97 and mienai te to te was the B side to that single.

      Hi there! I see your nickname everywhere! I wonder if you can help me out with something. I was just wondering if there's a KKM community out there that's still active. Somewhere where people can talk about KKM, and where ppl can post the stuff that they've been translating. I've been posting translations of KKM lyrics in Animelyrics and also, translations of KKM events up on Youtube comments. But I wonder if there are fans who'll never actually see them, cuz they don't know about it. So, if there's a community you'd recommend, or a mailing list (yes, I'm that old XD) I'd be more than grateful. (And if there is not such a community, shouldn't we find a way to gather all the fans somewhere, at least the English-speaking ones? I don't have Facebook and never liked it but I'd be willing to make an account if there's a nice KKM community over there. I'm desperate. Thank you! )

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    • Sadly I don't know any that are still active. I adopted this wiki and started updating it in hopes that fans would find it and work on it together but not many people have joined :/ I would love it if we could make one (or find one) if you have any ideas let me know! Merry Christmas!

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    • i also wonder, what as the Ost played on ep 88 it sounded like a symphony version of the opening 

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    • If you're talking about Season 3 Episode 9 minute 12, then it's  Senkou~Maou no Teema 3 (Glint~Demon King’s Theme 3), found in OST 3 Yuri Heika Seitan Kinen! Omoide no Album -Memories- . If you're not, then clarify what episode of season 3 you're talking about and include minute + scene.

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