This is a special short story written by Takabayashi Tomo, which was published in "The Beans" Vol5. July, 2005.

This is also chapter 5 of the Short Stories Volume 3 - Starting Today I'm the Ma!King!?

The Loss of a Loved One
Whenever I pass through the town's crowded streets, I always remember him.

Yuuri and Conrad go into a town. Yuuri ends up buying lots of stuff for himself, and on the way they meet with Josak. Josak tells them that there is a fortune teller that is very accurate and that she might or might not be dangerous.

If she were to gain many followers she could start an insurrection like it happened 200 years ago in Orviette(オルヴイエーテ). To make sure she's not dangerous (Someone who can hear the Shinou) Conrad and Yuuri go into the shop to have their fortune told.

She starts talking about the people that Conrad lost. Yuuri covers his ears, because he doesn't want to hear it. She keeps on talking to Conrad and says many things that could be interpret as things that happened with Julia, but he knows she's just a quack.

He knows she's just cold reading people and that everyone in the country has lost relatives and needs to move one, like she said.

Since in the first and last sentences of this story, it says "Whenever I pass through a crowded street, I remember him", we can imagine this is said by Conrad, as he remembers what happened in this story.

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