Soukoku (双黒) literally means double-black and refers to people who have black hair and black eyes. The Soukoku are a rare tribe that is rich in knowledge. According to the values of "the other world" the Soukoku are classified as very beautiful.

Famous Soukoku Edit

The most famous of the Soukoku is the Daikenja, who helped the Shinou establish Shin-Makoku.
The second most famous, is of course, the 27th Maou, Yuuri Shibuya.

Color black Edit

Because of the association of the color black with royalty, beauty and knowledge, when Yuuri showed up in Shin-Makoku for the first time wearing, his magnificent black clothes (the average male high-school uniform in Japan), it was taken as one more sign that he was in fact the next Maou.
His school clothes were duplicated in Shin-Makoku, so that's pretty much all he wears when he's not under-covered.
Yuuri's horse, Ao, is also jet black.

Swooning over the Soukoku Edit

- Gunter: Gunter absolutely loves the Soukoku. First Yuuri, then Murata, finally Shouri. Anyone with black hair is worthy of his adoration. He has also said that the Daikenja is "more beautiful than anyone".(novel 1, ch.3)

- Wolfram: Despite not being particularly interested in Yuuri (men in general?) at the beginning of the series, he does become quite interested in him. He then often talks about Yuuri's good looks, to which Yuuri's reply is that he's more beautiful. In the Drama CDs Wolfram has said that even though he loves Yuuri's black hair and eyes, he's not as shallow as to pick a partner based on their physical appearance. He did become quite excited while being surrounded by Soukoku during his visit to Harajuku.

- Humans: Yuuri only appears before humans in disguise. He dyes his hair and wears contacts so that they do not fear/attack him. But even without black hair and black eyes, the humans from that world find him very attractive. In the luxury cruise Hyscliff finds him attractive. So do all the women he meets at the dance that night. When he fights in the Colosseum with Rick in Shimaron, he's also praised by his good looks (in the novels, a guy tries to feel him up while taking him to the Colosseum). He's even mistaken by a woman in the desert of Svelera and the men there take off his shirt, and even so, they can't tell him apart from a woman.

Fearing the Soukoku Edit

Even though Mazoku in general are very similar to humans, the only difference being that they are super attractive; Soukoku, since they are so rare, are easily identified by humans as Mazoku and instantly feared. This is why Yuuri must always disguise himself when leaving Mazoku land.

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