Shibuya Shouma
Shibuya Shouma
Shibuya Shouma
Character Details
Occupation Banker
Nationality Japanese
Race Mazoku
Age 40s
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Shibuya Miko (Wife)

Shibuya Shouri (son)
Shibuya Yuuri (son)
Greta (adopted granddaughter)

First Appearance
Japanese Voice Tsujitani Kouji
English Voice Joe Cappelletti

Shouma Shibuya is the husband of Shibuya Miko and the father of Yuuri and Shouri.

He is a banker. He is a subordinate of the Maou of Earth, Bob, who is an international investor. He says while the Mazoku of Earth don't really want to conquer the world they pretty much control all of the world's finances. Bob chose him and his wife to be the parents of the next Maou of Shin Makoku.

His job caused him to move around quite a bit when he and his wife first got married which led to them getting into an argument when they had to move to New York that nearly ended in divorce and led to Shouri running away with Yuuri.

When he was 23 he proposed to Miko on just the 5th time that they met and they married half a year later.

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