Shibuya Miko
渋谷 美子
Shibuya Miko
Character Details
Occupation House Wife
Nationality Japanese
Other names Jennifer
Race Human
Age 40s
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Shibuya Shouma (husband)
Shibuya Shouri (son)
Shibuya Yuuri (son)
Wolfram von Bielefelt (future son-in-law)

Greta (adoptive granddaughter)

First Appearance
Japanese Voice Kakazu Yumi

Shibuya Miko (渋谷 美子) is the wife of Shibuya Shouma and the mother of Yuuri and Shouri. A computer fortune telling program told her that she should be called Jennifer, so she sometimes refers to herself as that.[1]

Background Edit

Miko went to Ferris University, which is in Yokohama, so she was often called "Hama no Jennifer" (Jennifer from Yokohama). At university, she was in the fencing club and she competed in the Universiade competition. She met Shouma when he was volunteering at the competition. Shouma proposed to her when she was 22 after only having met five times. They married half a year later.


Miko seems to always be in an upbeat and cheerful mood as she is easily excited about various things. She also seems to accept things very easily after hearing them like when Shouma told her he was a Mazoku and when she heard that Yuuri was engaged to Wolfram.


  • Miko tends to call herself as Jennifer, mainly because a computer fortune telling program told her that she should be called that way.
  • At the birth of her two sons, she was disappointed because none of them had wings or a tail.


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