Character Details
Occupation King of Small Shimaron
Nationality Small Shimaron
Other names Sara
The Two Faced Man
Race Half Shinzoku
Half Human
Age 17
Gender Male
Eyes Gold
Hair White Gold
Personal Status
Relatives Gilbert (father)
Alazon (mother)
Yelshi (twin brother)
Berius (uncle, only in the anime)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 80
Japanese Voice Akira Ishida
English Voice N/A

Saralegui (サラレギー) is the King of Small Shimaron and Yelshi's twin brother. He's called "The Two Faced Man" because acording to Josak, he has two names and those who have seen his face, no matter who it is, become his prisoners.


Saralegui is an attractive, slender young boy with long blond hair and a pair of big golden eyes. Because he and Yelshi are twins, their appearance is almost identical and the only difference between them is that Sara has long hair instead of short. He also seems to be a little taller than his brother. Saralegui always uses a pair of purple glasses ir order to prevent people to see his golden eyes, a characteristic feature of the Shinzoku.

After he was resuscitated by Yuri, his eyes turned darker because he poured too much of his Maryoku.[1] Murata said that no one will longer believe he's a Shinzoku looking like that, but Yuri sees no problem since Saralegui is the King of a human country, and having his Shizoku blood neutralized can allow him to have a normal life as a human.


Baby Sara and Yelshi

Baby Saralegui (right) and Yelshi (left).

Yelshi was born to Alazon, the former Empress of Seisakoku, and Gilbert, the former King of Small Shimaron. He has a twin brother named Yelshi. However, when Saralegui was born he was stillborn, so his mother used the forbidden box Inferno on the Tundra to bring him back to life. Saralegui thought that when Alazon found out that he had no Shinzoku powers that she abandoned him and sent him to live with his father in Small Shimaron, but she sent him there because she thought that if he stayed in Seisakoku the shadow of death that loomed over him would grow and god would take away his life. When his father died, he became the King of Small Shimaron.

Story in the animeEdit

Sara Eyes

Saralegui using his hypnosis.

The anime story is very different from the novels. Yelshi does not seem to exist and instead he has a body guard, Berius, who is later revealed to be his uncle. As in the original story, he also has the power of hypnosis.

During Yuri's visit to Small Shimaron, Sara takes an arrow in Yuri's place. Yuri is moved and even Wolfram, who had previously shown a strong dislike towards Sara, is touched by the young king's attempt to protect his fiancé. However, Murata and Conrad still remain suspicious of Sara's true motives.

It later becomes clear that Berius was the one who fired the arrow as part of a plan Sara concocted in order to gain Yuri's trust. Sara finally reveals his true colors, using his power to manipulate Yuri into attacking a fleet of Big Shimaron battleships. His betrayal leaves Yuri completely shaken. Also in the 3th OVA episode, Sara had means to use Yuri's power for his own selfish reasons, whilst using Wolfram as bait. Sara attempted to stop Wolfram's heart in order to get Yuri to give him what he wanted.


  • Yuuri mistake him for a girl.
  • He called Celi "grandma" and "old lady" when they meet.



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