This race takes place in Hildyard, every ten years, in the Tumbly arena.

Rare (or endangered) animals race to see which one is faster. This race takes place in Chapter 44 of the manga, episode 23 of the anime.

The only two animals that we see racing are KG, Ryan's Sandbear, and Louis Biron's Hell Paradise Goala.

Other rare animals Edit

Other rare animals we can see in Volume 8 are

A two-horned cow Edit


Rare two-horned cow

Cows usually have 5 horns. Their cry is: mosa, not moo.


Other stuffed animals in Louis Biron's basement show what a normal cow looks like, along with other animals. In the image there is a dog-like bear, 2 normal cow heads, a small horse-like animal (full size), a hyena-like animal (full size), and a two-horned goat-looking-animal head.

Yuuri Edit


According to Wolfram, Yuuri is also an endangered species.

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