Yuuri goes into town looking for Josak. Josak is changing for his show at the bar.
They talk about many things, like why he's working there, why he's not at the mausoleum (the priestess speak behind his back, even though he's a maiden in his heart). The Yuuri tells him the real reason why he was there: Finding out Conrad's birthday.

Yuuri says he asked Cornad but that Conrad wouldn't say. Josak asks him why he wants to know and Yuuri says that he wanted to get Conrad something (because he had gotten that baseball field for his birthday).

Josak explains that a lot of half-humans don't know their birthdays, just like him. He says that since people were discriminated for aging slowly, many times they would not celebrate their birthdays.

As Josak is showing Yuuri his underwear Conrad comes into the room looking for Yuuri.

Conrad gets angry because Yuuri didn't tell anyone where he was going. Then Josak tells him what happened. Conrad said that it was his mother's will not to let anyone know his birthday so he couldn't tell. Josak comes up with the idea of Yuuri's birthday also being Conrad's nadzukeoya (person who names you) birthday, because Yuuri's birthday is also the day that Conrad became a Nadzukeoya. They leave the bar and right before the end they start talking about Conrad not having made a bad joke, then Conrad says

Conrad: "Because you said this day was good, on the 29th of July it is the Godfather Anniversary. Hypermetrics. "
This is a rip off of この味がいいねと君が言ったから 七月六日はサラダ記念日 から, a poem by Machi Tawara .

(For more information on Conrad's Jokes )

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