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Release Date:     Jun 27, 2007
Genre:         Video Game Soundtrack

Published by     Avex Mode / Avex Mode
Composed/Arranged by     Go Shiina, LindaAI-CUE, Yusuke Beppu
Performed by     Maki Watanabe, Akiko Shinada, Takayoshi Tanimoto, Hiroaki Takeuchi, New Japan Philharmonic

Disc 1

  1. Welcome! The First Travel
  2. Demon King Clock
  3. Peruse! Book of Travels "Part 1 ~ The First is This World"
  4. Keep Running!
  5. The Whole World
  6. Look, There is a Sunny Spot Here
  7. Our House Today as Well
  8. Lover's Quarrel
  9. Honky-Tonk
  10. Beloved Toto (A)
  11. I Ran...
  12. About Her "Part 2 ~ Adventure Chatting"
  13. Log from the True Demon Sea
  14. Helpers Come
  15. Unexplored Region? Demon Region?
  16. Until the Depts
  17. Not Breathing Hot Wind
  18. Demon Dance
  19. Fascinating Bad Kid Night "Part 3 ~ Shake off the Doubts"
  20. Critical Situation - Close Call?
  21. Dancing Battle!
  22. Infiltrating Enemy Territory
  23. Chase that Darkness
  24. Shrouded in Dark Clouds
  25. Reversal - From Now on Show Your True Worth! "Part 4 ~ Reversal! Blunt Highness!"
  26. A Wall in the Travel
  27. His Highness - Manifestation!
  28. Blunt Highness!
  29. Blunt Highness! Theme of Love
  30. For Now, The Travel Comes to a Stop "Part 5 ~ Unspilled and Pledged Tears"
  31. The Wind of Caloria is Cold
  32. Still Lamenting his Error
  33. Don't Say Goodbye
  34. Empty World
  35. Conrad's Skills
  36. Unspilled and Pledged Tears
  37. The First Travel ~ Listemara "Part 6 ~ Party, then Fighting Wonderland"
  38. Interlude Pause
  39. Christmas Eve March
  40. Battle Start
  41. Arranged Duel
  42. Forgetting Defeat
  43. To Tomorrow "Part 7 ~ Saralegi - Confrontation - then New Travel"
  44. False White
  45. Hidden Heart
  46. Decisive Battle
  47. Gale
  48. Confrontation
  49. Master Creator of Despair
  50. Nostalgia Anew
  51. Sadness "Epilogue"
  52. Loop
  53. Gallant Figure

Disc 2

  1. Running!
  2. Beyond Recognition
  3. Fought!
  4. I Lost...
  5. Persuasion Successful
  6. Fusion Complete!
  7. Coronation
  8. Gyungyun Musical Troupe (Fanatical Part)
  9. The Whole World (ver.)
  10. Beloved Toto (B)
  11. The First Journey (ver.)
  12. Gyungyun Musical Troupe (Adoration Part)
  13. The First Travel (Rhythmless)
  14. Leaving One Difficulty
  15. CD Drama [Saralegi Ending] To the First Travel (Intro)
  16. CD Drama [Saralegi Ending] I Run!
  17. CD Drama [Saralegi Ending] Under the Legendary Tree......!?
  18. CD Drama [Saralegi Ending] Departure to Honeymoon
  19. CD Drama [Saralegi Ending] Intermission
  20. CD Drama [Saralegi Ending] Talking about Temples...
  21. CD Drama [Saralegi Ending] Dinner at Murata's House
  22. CD Drama [Saralegi Ending] Ending
  23. The First Journey

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