This is a special Drama CD for the Game Oresama Quest which has three main stories. One of them is the Missing Item story, which this Drama CD complements. To better understand this Drama CD, it is recommended that you play or read the Oresama Quest Maou solves the case of the missing item story.

Wolfram is looking for Yuuri, but finds Günter instead. They're all looking for one of Gwendal's knitted animals, Klaus. Neither Günter nor Wolfram found any new clues, Yuuri took Lord Weller with him. Wolf and Günter talk about how Yuuri never thinks twice before doing something. But then they recognize that that's one of his good points.

Günter gets all excited and says "L-O-V-E- Lovely Heika~!" (like a cheerleader) Wolfram asks him to stop putting spells on Yuuri. Günter says it's something Yuuri taught him, a way of calling someone you love (that's a lie btw). Wolfram wants an explanation and goes out looking for Yuuri.

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