This is a special Drama CD for the Game Oresama Quest which has three main stories. One of them is the The Mid-Summer Ma Dream, which this Drama CD complements. To better understand this Drama CD, it is recommended that you play or read the Oresama Quest - Mid-summer Ma Dream.

Wolfram is looking for Yuuri, but finds Günter instead. Yuuri is not at the office anymore, he went to Conrad's room to see why Josak and Conrad were looking for one another. Wolfram asks Günter why he didn't stop him. Günter says he's just a retainer and can't stop Yuuri once he has decided to do something.

Both Wolf and Günter start talking about how wonderful Yuuri is and in their rapture they end up holding hands. They both get incredible embarrassed and promise not to say anything to anyone. Wolfram leaves quickly blaming Yuuri for what happened.

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