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Ojousama to wa Kari no Sugata!

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Ojousama to wa Kari no Sugata!
Kanji お嬢様とは仮の姿!
Short Title Ojousama
English Title
Book Number S 1
Manga Chapters
Previous Novel Chi ni wa MA no Tsuku Hoshi ga Furu!
Next Novel Mezase MA no Tsuku Umi no Hate!
Release Date September 2003
ISBN 978-4044452100

Ojousama to wa Kari no Sugata! (The Ojousama's temporary appearance) is set during world war 2. It features a young girl named April Graves. She is called to pick up a box called "mirror at the bottom of the sea" from the possessions from her dead mother, Hazel Graves, who was died in a fire. While rushing to investigate the box, April runs into a Nazi, Richard Deuter, who says he has a key to the box.

It is the only title in the series without MA ㋮ in it.

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