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Yuuri, Conrad and Wolfram headed towards Small Shimaron with Saralegi and Berius. Meanwhile back in Shin Makoku, Shinou reveals to Murata and Shouri that he was the one who called them. Ulrike, who stood by them told them that Yuuri's star is harder to track and Gwendal who entered the Shrine of Shinou with Murata and Shouri, pass on the message he received from a carrier pigeon to Murata. Shinou then gives Morgif to Shouri to deliver to Yuuri saying that it would be useful.

In Small Shimaron, Yuuri met with Sara's vassals and had tea with Sara while Conrad and Wolfram stand guard. It became apparent that Conrad notices that Sara approaches Yuuri with ulterior motives and had asked Gunter, who is now with Murata, Shouri and Gwendal in Caloria, to investigate Sara. Gunter even asked Adalbert who knows a lot of Small Shimaron to come and aid them in getting Yuuri out of his mess.

Unfortunately back in Small Shimaron, Wolfram was hypnotized by Sara and took Yuuri out of his room to where Sara was waiting. Meanwhile, out in the yard, Conrad was tied up with Berius who knows how to use Houryoku. Sara then revealed his intention to have Yuuri use his power for him by taking Wolfram hostage. Outside the castle, Josak rendezvous with Murata's party consisting of Adalbert, Shouri, and Gunter who entered the castle through a hidden trapdoor led by Adalbert. Adalbert then takes Conrad's place holding Berius at bay while the rest of them head over to the throne room where Yuuri and Wolfram are. When Wolfram temporarily brakes free of the spell and tells Yuuri to run, Shouri and Murata barge into the room first followed by Conrad and Gunter. Shouri then scolds Yuuri for going off with strangers and was forced aside when Gunter made an attempt at Sara's life. However, Sara then activated his ability and Gunter was bound with the same hypnotizing spell as Wolfram. Yuuri got angry at what Sara is doing and went into Maou-mode. Murata then took Morgif and uses Shoyri as a battery to replenish Yuuri's maryoku. Yuuri's attack was then blocked by Berius who came in time to stop the attack from getting to Sara and the episode ends with Yuuri and co. heading back to Shin Makoku.