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In preparation for Yuuri's ascension, Yuuri and co. are at the reception hall where the Bearbees used to nest and repair it. While looking at a mural of a girl looking at a flying Bearbee, Dacascos came running in to inform them that at the basement, there's a pink Bearbee cocoon.

At the Shrine of Shinou, the news of the pink Bearbee cocoon has transpired. Murata was seen talking with Ulrike about how unfortunate Yuuri is for this to happen during his reign. It appears that the pink Bearbee cocoon only appears once in a thousand years. The pink cocoon has is an indicator of the dragons rebellion. In order to calm the dragons, the only way is to sacrifice the Bearbee to the dragons. Now Yuuri has to choose to either sacrifice the Bearbee cocoon or to exert force over the dragons which has gone in a rampage causing great casualties. 

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