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Wolfram was paranoid about a dream he had and kicked Yuuri while he was sleeping next to Greta. The next day, while cleaning the Shrine of Shinou, a forbidden machine that predicts the future of two people who are in love is discovered causing a stir at Blood Pledge Castle. Anissina. who showed interest in this machine, decided to hold an experiment. The couple chosen for the experiment was Hube and Nicola.

When Murata and Ulrike learned that the machine was out in the open, Ulrike apologizes for not disposing of the forbidden machine sooner. Murata then presses for the machine to be kept in the treasure room and locked away after finding out about the Hube and Nicola love calculator experiment and people's growing interest towards the machine. Günter then approached Murata and told him that the machine hasn't shown it's true colors yet since the maou mirror which was supposed to be inserted in the cavity is not in place yet. Unfortunately, the day after Günters discovery, the maou mirror was stolen by someone. The person who stole the mirror then went to Yuuri's room to kidnap him. The person was confronted by Conrad and Gwendal who stood by to guard Yuuri only to realize that it was Wolfram. Wolfram (who was being controlled by Shinou) took Yuuri and headed towards the machine. When the machine was about to be activate, Murata burst in and asked Shinou (Wolfram) to stop. Unfortunately, when the others arrive, the machine was activated.  Ulrike, who thinks Shinou's pranks has gone too far, then came to voice her dissent. 

It turns out that the machine shows the worse possible future which could be avoided through hardwork and determination. Unfortunately, the worse possible future isn't always so bad for the partner causing them to fight. Many couples broke up in the past because of this.

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