Character Details
Nationality Originally Slveria, Now Shin Makoku
Race Human
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Personal Status
Relatives Gegenhuber (husband)
First Appearance
Novel Debut Konya MA

Nicola first met Yuuri and Gwendel at her "wedding" where she escaped after hearing Yuuri's speech about gloves and mates. She was delighted to learn that her rescuers include her lover Hube's cousin. It is heavily hinted that she was the one to change Hube's views about humans. The couple fell in love and she was already pregnant by Gegenhuber Grisela when she met Yuuri. Nicola kept half of the Great Mazoku Flute which she gave to Yuuri.

While in the Novels and Manga she is still pregnant, in the anime she has already given birth to a baby boy named Ernst Grisela.

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