Yuuri wakes up in the middle of a field. Then he sees Wolfram dressed like a rabbit. His ears have turned into rabbit ears. Wolfram says that Yuuri also has ears, cat ears. Eventually Conrad appears, he dressed as Alice. He then explains that since Yuuri told Greta about Alice in Wonderland (Yuuri's mom's favorite book), Greta wanted to experience the story and asked Anissina for help. Conrad also helped making the device. They went to Yuuri's and Wolfram's bedroom and Greta and Conrad fell asleep. About to completely fall asleep Conrad realized that Anissina had come into the room and was connecting the device to the people who were asleep (except for Greta because it was too dangerous). Conrad talks about changing outfits with Wolfram, then with Yuuri (they both refuse), then Wolfram says if Yuuri is going to end up making Conrad be naked (Conrad says he'd prefer that, Yuuri says absolutely not! It's going to bring damage to everyone)

Then they say that they'll probably be trapped in there forever because of all the maryoku that Yuuri has. Yuuri starts thinking of Greta and smiles. As he smiles his body begins to disappear (like the Cheshire cat). He is desperate and asks for a mirror. In it Ue-sama appears and starts talking to him. Ue-sama sucks him into the mirror and Yuuri screams and swears as he falls into it.

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