The position of the Maou (Demon King) is not determined by social standing or heredity. They are decided by Shinou's word and one day a messenger suddenly appears to call on them. Usually once their term as maou is done they return to their hometowns and live the rest of their days as normal.

There were 26 Maous before Yuuri, making Yuuri the 27th Demon King of Shin Makoku.

Order of Succession Name Nickname Status (Prior to Ascendancy)
1 Unknown Shinou Noble (Son of the King of another Kingdom)
7 Lord von Voltaire Folger Noble
14 Lady von Wincott Brittany The Bloodshed King Noble
15 Grisela Trintignant Yaft The Beheader Commoner
19 Lord von Rochefort Basilio The Cruel Noble
20 Henstridge Davidson The Slaughterer Commoner
21 Lord von Gyllenhall Dwayne The Belligerent Noble
22 Ropelewski Arsenio The Mighty Warrior King Commoner
23 Lord von Karbelnikoff Jeannot The Stern Noble
24 Lord von Radford Beltran The Lion King Noble
25 Unknown Chevalier Commoner
26 Lady von Spitzweg Cacilie Noble
27 Shibuya Yuuri Commoner

Maou of EarthEdit

There is not much known about the Maou of Earth. Bob has been the Maou since at least 1938 and none of the Maou before him are known. Shouri is to be his successor.


The names of all former Maous starting from the 24th Maou and ending with the first are told to Yuuri by Gunter in Volume 1, Chapter 3. In the same chapter, Cacilie is introduced.

Information on Chevalier being the 25th Maou is revealed in Volume 16, Chapter 7.

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