The rule set in place for editing the Kyou Kara Maou wiki.


All pages and categories must be categorized in appropriate and relevant categories.


Take advantage of redirects by creating a page, like "Günter", to automatically redirect you to "Günter von Christ" with a #redirect Page name.


Do not edit the names of characters from the agreed upon names of the wiki. If you think a name is wrong please discuss it on the talk page before making any edits. The different translations, both official and fan translations, used different names for many of the characters, so on this wiki we use the ones that are closest to the original kana used and name printed on Japanese merchandise.


Fansub groups
Season 1-2
AnimeONE [AonE]
AnimeAnarchy [~AA~]
Anime-Keep & Ayu [Keep-Ayu]

Shinsen-Subs [SHS]
Shoku-dan Fansubs [Shoku-dan]

Season 3
Atelier-Thryst [A-Thryst]
Shoku-dan Fansubs [Shoku-dan]
Epic Fansubs [EPIC]

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