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Original TitleEdit


MAou koutan ☆ supesharu

Release DateEdit

June 8, 2007 as a supplement to The Beans, Vol. 9

No. of DiscsEdit



Yuuri : Sakurai Takahiro

Conrad : Morikawa Toshiyuki

Wolfram : Saiga Mitsuki

Gwendal : Ootsuka Akio

Günter : Inoue Kazuhiko

Murata : Miyata Kouki

Shouri : Konishi Katsuyuki


It's Yuuri's 17th birthday and he's spending time at the pool with Murata and Shouri when he gets teleported to Shin Makoku. In Shin Makoku everyone is getting ready to celebrate his birthday.


  1. プロローグ (7:36)
  2. さてその頃の眞魔国 (2:49)
  3. ぬけがけサプライズ (9:26)
  4. オトナ組の密談 (8:49)
  5. みんなのたんじょうび (11:05)
  6. ハッピーバースデー (16:46)
  7. エピローグ (8:27)
  8. マ王降誕☆すぺしゃる キャストトーク (13:33)

Other ImagesEdit

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