Ken Murata
Ken Murata
Murata Ken
Character Details
Occupation Former Great Sage
Nationality Japanese, Shin Makoku
Race Mazoku
Birthday June 6
Age 15 (later 16)
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Mr. Murata (father)
Mrs. Murata (mother)
First Appearance
Novel Debut Kyou MA
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Miyata Kouki
English Voice Grant George

Ken Murata (村田 健) is the current reincarnation of the Daikenja and Shibuya Yuuri's friend. Murata was being bullied by a few delinquents when Yuuri came to help him because he recognized him since they were in the same middle school class, even though they never really spoke.[1] Murata fled to go get help, leaving Yuuri alone. Afterwords he and Yuuri became friends.


Murata is incredibly smart. Because of his past lives he is able to speak many languages such as Shin Makoku's language, English and French. His parents are always busy with work so he is home alone a lot. He wants to become a comedian when he grows up and tries to convince Yuuri to be his partner in the comedy duo MuraKenzu.

He was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Japan. Murata's soul has been reincarnated many times and keeps memories of his past lives. As a child, he had great difficulty discerning his past lives from the present and so he had to take special lessons with Jose Rodriguez in order to learn to keep them separate from his present self. Murata still sometimes makes references to his past lives saying they were "him" and anytime Rodriguez hears him say that he scolds him.

His father works an IT job in Hong Kong and only comes home once every three months and his mother is a lawyer who rents a small apartment near work so he is usually home alone.

In his first life he was the Daikenja who helped Shinou seal Soushu and create Shin Makoku. Afterwords the Daikenja went to Earth with two of the four boxes. On Earth his soul was reincarnated many times through the 4000 years since Shinou's time. In the reincarnation before Murata, he was an adult film actress named Christine who lived in Hong Kong. The life before that he was a french doctor named Henri Régent who appears in the extra story novel Ojousama to wa Kari no Sugata! Murata's other past lives include a Spanish bread maker, a Venetian bakery worker, an ancient Egyptian mummy maker and a knight in the crusades.

Previous livesEdit

  • 1 before: Christine (made a series of AVs titled Sister Christine's Sweet Trap (修道女クリスティンの甘い罠)
  • 2 before: Henri Régent
  • 3 before: Name Unknown (died in an accident before reaching age 10)
  • 4 before: Unknown
  • 5 before: Spanish bread maker
  • Lampedusa (lived the longest) (name is Italian? Venetian bakery worker?)
  • Nathan Mulgan


  • Murata and Yuuri attended to the same middle school class, even though they never really spoke.
  • Yuuri only remembered Murata's name out of all his former classmates because it was similar to his favorite actor, Matsudaira Ken.
  • He learned karate and self-defense from a book, so he usually was not the target of bullies.[2]
  • Shouri calls him by the name of "friend of my brother".
  • As Yuuri is the "Sun", Murata is the "Moon".



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