Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez kyou kara maoh
Character Details
Occupation Pediatrician
Nationality American
Race Mazoku
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Novel Debut Kakka MA
Japanese Voice Fujiwara Keiji


He appears to have a nonchalant attitude and seems to always be in a very happy mood. He likes anime and is a Japanophile. He is a subordinate to the Maou of Earth, Bob, and helps him out a lot of things.

He was friends with Murata's previous past life, Christine, and was in charge on finding a family for her soul to be born with.

When Murata was growing up and had troubles discerning memories from his pevious lives from himself Jose helped him.


  • He is a Gundam Otaku
  • He was an exchange student in Hokkaido during college.

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