Josak Gurrier
Josak Guriere
Gurie Yozakku
Character Details
Occupation Spy
Nationality Shin Makoku
Race Half Mazoku
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown (over 100)
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Orange
Personal Status
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 5
Japanese Voice Takeda Masanori
English Voice Marvin Lee

Josak Gurrier is a childhood friend of Conrad and is a spy for Shin Makoku who reports to Gwendal.


Josak is a Spy for Shin Makoku. He is half mazoku as he was born from a traveling mazoku and a human woman. He was born in Shimaron and lived there til he was 12. He did not receive any education in Shimaron at all and so received all of his education at the Shin Makoku Naval Academy.

He inherited his orange hair from his father, but has his mother's eyes. Josak and Conrad have been friends since they were children.

Josak and Conrad are the only survivors of the battle of Arnold from the Luttenberg platoon. The Luttenberg platoon was a special platoon that was made up completely of half-blood troops.

He's a kind-hearted man despite his huge appearance, and no matter how masculine he looks, enjoys cross-dressing and frequently dresses as a woman in his work as a spy. He says he carries a dress around as a good-luck charm because dressing as a female has saved his life many times.


  • Anissina is his type.[1]
  • He likes grilled lamb meat.
  • He wishes Celi was his mother.


  1. MAou page 140

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