Gilbert Manga
Character Details
Occupation Former King of Small Shimaron
Nationality Small Shimaron
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Purple (anime)
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Saralegui (son)
Yelshi (son)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 98 (mentioned)
Anime Debut Episode 95 (mentioned)
Japanese Voice None
English Voice None

Gilbert (ギルバート Girubāto) was the King of Small Shimaron and father of Saralegui and Yelshi.


Gilbert disappeared into the waters of Shimaron during the war, 20 years ago. Although there was no King at that time, he was the son of one of Shimaron's most poweful families. At some point, he shipwrecked and was washed-up on the shores of Seisakoku. Gilbert was found collapsed and dying by the Empress of Seisakoku, Alazon, who helped him. They quickly fell in love and had two baby boys, the twins Saralegui and Yelshi.

Years later, Gilbert returned to the now country of Small Shimaron with Saralegui.

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