Gegenhuber Grisela
Guri-sera kyou ge-genhyu-ba-
Character Details
Nationality Shin Makoku
Race Mazoku
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Nicola (Wife)
Ernst Grisela (son)
Gwendal von Voltaire (cousin)
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Hirata Hiroaki
English Voice Richard Cansino (as Edward Villa)

Gegenhuber is Gwendal's estranged cousin who was banished from the Shin Makoku for twenty years to search for a Mazoku flute.

Years ago, Hube's bigotry and ambition led to many deaths forcing Gwendal, his cousin, to banish Hube from Shin Makoku to search for a lost artifact, the Great Mazoku Flute. Twenty years later, Yuuri discovers Hube in Conansia Svelera from the human woman, Nicola, who is bearing Hube's child. Yuuri struggles to learn details about Hube's past but no one wants to talk about the acts that were so terrible, even Conrad is content to watch him die. Hube becomes the bodyguard for a corrupt lord who swindles people into gambling and taking their shop deeds. When Yuuri eventually discovers the truth, he forgave Hube for unintentionally trying to kill him, and begs Gwendel not to kill Hube. Gwendal eventually agrees not to, and Hube leaves for his own castle, but not before he tells Gwendal about a box he saw in Svelera. The incident left Hube without his left eye, indicating this box was one of the Four Forbidden Boxes.

Hube swore loyalty to Yuuri because Yuuri chose spare his life despite Hube's crime. As such, Hube would go to extreme lengths to protect Yuuri, such as leaving Nicola to fight against the possessed Shinou.


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