Tomo no Tame ni
Kanji 友のために
English Title For a Friend
Episode Number 98
Manga Chapters
Previous Episode Episode 97
Next Episode Episode 99
Theme Music


Big Shimaron has crossed over to Small Shimaron to capture Yuuri. They were planning to escape but Yuuri decides to observe the meeting between Sara and the Big Shimaron messengers through a hidden room. This plan went wrong when Gerard, under the influence of Sara's Houryoku, attacked Sara and Yuuri bursts out to protect him. Sara is then forced to hand over Yuuri while Conrad promises to rescue him. However, just as Yuuri and Sara is nearing Big Shimaron's army, an arrow was shot and Sara takes the blow that was meant for Yuuri. Yuuri was enraged and went into a rampage to destroy Big Shimaron's army.

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