Toware no MAou
Kanji 囚われの㋮王
English Title Captured Maou
Episode Number 86
Manga Chapters N/A
Novel N/A
Previous Episode Utage no Yoru ni
Next Episode Kuro no Jeneus
Japanese May 22, 2008
Theme Music
Opening Sekai yo Warae
Ending Going


Murata, Josak and Conrad infiltrated the castle and managed to find a box full of swords. When an intruder alarm was sounded and Murata discoveres it was not them that had been found, he realises with dismay that Yuuri had followed them there. They met up with Wolfram and Adalbert and returned to their hideout to plan Yuuri's escape. Meanwhile, Yuuri was captured by the White Crows and imprisoned in a cell. Jeneous, a member of the White Crows, offered to help Yuuri escape as he did not want a war between Big Shimaron and Shin Makoku but was turned down by Yuuri who believed that Conrad will come to save him. Conrad, dressed in his old Big Shimaron's outfit, pretends to come for the throne as he has a right to it, sneaks into the castle and waits for Murata's orders to save Yuuri.

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