Mazoku, Chikyuu e
Episode 59
Kanji 魔族、地球へ
English Title Mazoku, to Earth
Episode Number 59
Manga Chapters
Previous Episode Konton no Ou
Next Episode Oniichan no Nayami
Japanese September 17, 2005
Theme Music
Opening Hateshinaku Tooi Sora Ni
Ending Arigatou~


Ulrike reveals that the final forbidden box is on Earth. Yuuri, along with Murata, Wolfram, Conrad and Gwendal sets off to locate and bring the box back to Shin Makoku. Unfortunately, Günter was also dragged along by mistake. Yuuri, shocked, discovered that his family knew about Shin Makoku the whole time. Meanwhile, Günter was separated from the rest of the group and is lost somewhere in the city.

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