Daichi Tatsu Conrart
Episode 52
Kanji 大地立つコンラート
English Title Conrad Standing Tall
Episode Number 52
Manga Chapters
Previous Episode Fukushouki? Maxine
Next Episode Zenryaku, Yuuri Heika
Japanese June 25, 2005
Theme Music
Opening Hateshinaku Tooi Sora Ni
Ending Arigatou~


When Yuuri stumbles upon the "Mazoku Mirror" he's transported back to the time when Lady Celi ruled with the help of Stuffel and Conrad was thought to be a traitor. Yuuri winds up meeting Lady Julia and comes to understand why she was loved by so many people. Yuuri and Julia must watch as Conrad and the Luttenburg Division set out towards a suicidal battle in order to prove they are not traitors. Yuuri helps Julia to make a decision that she knows will hurt the one she loves most dearly.

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