Iinazuke VS Konyakusha
Episode 45
Kanji 許婚VS婚約者
English Title The Betrothed vs The Fiance
Episode Number 45
Manga Chapters N/A
Novel N/A
Previous Episode Maboroshi no Shoujo
Next Episode Mori no Miko
Japanese May 7, 2005
Theme Music
Opening Hateshinaku Tooi Sora Ni
Ending Arigatou~


Stuffel has plans to set up Yuuri with an appropriate princess thereby cementing his ties with the current ruler of the kingdom. When Princess Elizabeth, the current winner of the Shin Makoku beauty pageant, shows up Yuuri is faced with a battle between his current fiancé and the new princess. Will Yuuri's devotions be transferred to this new princess or will this princess reveal an entirely different agenda?

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