Kondo wa Saishuu Heiki!?
Episode 4
Kanji 今度は最終兵器!?
English Title What's Next? The Ultimate Weapon!?
Episode Number 4
Manga Chapters Chapter 10
Novel Musuko MA Chapter 1
Kondo MA Chapter 1
Previous Episode Shibuya Yuuri! Ore ga MAou Da
Next Episode Sailor Fuku to Kikan Bou
Japanese April 24, 2004
Theme Music
Opening Hateshinaku Tooi Sora Ni
Ending Sutekina Shiawase


Episode 4 (2)
Episode 4 (3)
Episode 4 (4)

The episode opens as Yuuri is getting ready for a baseball game. Yuuri has started his own grass lot baseball team, and Murata is the team manager. Yuuri goes out to the living room for breakfast and asks his mother, Miko, where his father is, and she says he is out golfing. Yuuri thinks it's odd that mazoku golf. He then asks about his brother and his mother says he's still sleeping. Miko then looks through a picture book after Yuuri leaves and remembers when he was born.

After the baseball game, Yuuri and Murata go to take a bath at the public bath house. While he is in the bath, Yuuri is sucked back into the alternative world. When he arrives there, he ends up in another bath house. Günter and Yuuri's other advisers think it is a good idea for Yuuri to hunt down the Mazoku sword, Morgif to prevent a war with the humans and for future wars.


Episode 4 (5)

The first part of the episode is from a short story in the novel Musuko MA. The scene with Anissina showing off her inventions is original to the anime.

The scenes where Yuuri is trying to convince Gwendal not to start a war are original to the Anime. In the novel as soon as Yuuri says he doesn't want a war they come up with the idea to get Morgif. Also, the huge stacks of paperwork are an anime invention.