Günter VS Conrad
Episode 38
Kanji ギュンターVSコンラッド
English Title Günter vs. Conrad
Episode Number 38
Manga Chapters N/A
Novel N/A
Previous Episode Hako no Yukue
Next Episode Kimi no Na wa MAou
Japanese February 5, 2005
Theme Music
Opening Hateshinaku Tooi Sora Ni
Ending Sutekina Shiawase


Yuuri and his group travel to Cavalcade and meet Hyscliff who can help them get into a secluded land called Fransia. Unfortunately the king of Fransia refuses to choose either the Mazoku or the Big Shimaron side. Conrad with his Big Shimaron goons are also in Fransia and are also after the box. Will Günter accept Conrad's betrayal or will he be forced to kill him?

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