Gekisou! Yuki Zori Race
Episode 33
Kanji 激走!雪ゾリレース
English Title Run For It! The Snow Sled Race
Episode Number 33
Manga Chapters
Previous Episode Kagi Kakerareta Kioku
Next Episode Nettou Colosseum
Japanese December 18, 2004
Theme Music
Opening Hateshinaku Tooi Sora Ni
Ending Sutekina Shiawase


Every four years the Ultimate Tournament is held and Yuuri is dying to enter. But in order to be sent to Big Shimaron where the tournament is being held he must win the preliminary race. From East Nilson to Lambeil Yuuri races to become the winner of the preliminary but as he soon finds out many challenges await him including Maxine with his vengeful manjuu attack!

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