Watashi, Saikon Shimasu
Episode 17
Kanji 私、再婚します
English Title I am Remarrying
Episode Number 17
Manga Chapters N/A
Novel N/A
Previous Episode MAou Torimono Hikae
Next Episode Sono Ai no Tame ni
Japanese August 28, 2004
Theme Music
Opening Hateshinaku Tooi Sora Ni
Ending Sutekina Shiawase


Stuffel and Raven attempt to appease Yuuri by throwing a celebration for him. Celi bursts into the room and declares she is going to get remarried and that she is going to marry Raven, which shocks Raven and Stuffel. Stuffel, Raven, and Celi's past is revealed. During the ceremony, Ryan along with the sand bear, KG, arrive at the ceremony. KG's entrance however causes a sink hole which Stuffel, Raven, Celi, Yuuri, Gwendal, and Conrad fall into. Raven and Celi reminisce their childhood memories at the crystal cave part. Stuffel, Yuuri, Gwendal, and Conrad find Celi and Raven. Then KG, Ryan, Günter, and Wolfram also manage to find them as well. Celi leaves again.

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