MAta Aeru Hi wo
Kanji ㋮た会える日を
English Title Until the Day We Meet Again
Episode Number 117
Manga Chapters
Previous Episode Episode 116
Next Episode N/A (END)
Theme Music


Everything has turned back to normal but anxiety hangs in the air as Yuuri has not awaken. Sara appears, offering to help Yuuri with the Holy Sword. Yuuri awakens to the delight of everybody. Unfortunately, it seems that he had used all his power and had no more Maryoku. Sara had also made the decision to help Alazon when Yuuri apoligizes for being helpless. After they had left for Seisakoku, Yuuri is shocked when he realizes he cant get back to Earth as Shinou had also exhausted his power. Meanwhile, The Ten Nobles gathered together at the castle after hearing the news of Yuuri's missing powers. After hearing Yuuri's answer they decide to continue supporting him. Later, as Wolfram was chasing him for being unloyal to him, Yuuri, Murata and Shouri fell into the pond and return to Earth.

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