Nakashiki Houkou
Kanji 悲しき咆哮
English Title Sad Yell
Episode Number 115
Manga Chapters
Previous Episode Episode 114
Next Episode Episode 116
Theme Music


Sara appears in an alleyway with the Holy Sword lying next to him. When he takes out the sword, it leaves a faint trail on the ground. Sara follows it and finds Jeneus. In vengeance, Sara gives the power of the Holy Sword to Jeneus. Jeneus goes on a rampage and destroys everything in his path. However, when he attacks Sara, Alazon protects him and ended up getting hurt in the process. Sara then realizes that he had been wrong and his mother had rejected him to protect him. Meanwhile, Shin Makoku battles against Jeneus and his monsters. Yuuri then joins the battle and transforms. Murata then arrives along with Shinou.

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