Semari Kuru MA no Te!
Episode 10
Kanji 迫り来る㋮の手!
English Title The Hand of Evil Looms Closer!
Episode Number 10
Manga Chapters N/A
Novel N/A
Previous Episode Nusumareta Hihou
Next Episode Jigen no Mukou de Sensou ga Hajimaru
Japanese June 5, 2004
Theme Music
Opening Hateshinaku Tooi Sora Ni
Ending Sutekina Shiawase

As Yuuri, Wolfram, and Conrad left the castle with some soldiers, Stuffel and Raven start their next move. During the investigation, Conrad orders Wolfram and Yuuri to stay put in a building. Yuuri dragged Wolfram and the remaining soldiers to conduct his own investigation of the missing Dragon Stone. Yuuri's action led to his own abduction by Stuffel's man. Now Conrad and Wolfram head towards Stuffel's castle to rescue Yuuri.


Plot original to anime.

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