Character Details
Occupation None
Nationality Shin Makoku
Race Mazoku
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Blond
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Raven (uncle)
First Appearance
Novel Debut N/A
Manga Debut N/A
Anime Debut Episode 45

Elizabeth is the niece of Raven and Wolfram's childhood playmate. She is a character original to the anime.

Wolfram accidentally slapped Elizabeth, on her left cheek. Elizabeth never forgot this incident, insisting that they swore everlasting love that day, while Wolfram insists he forgot why he slapped her in the first place. Elizabeth becomes Stuffel's tool to separate Yuuri from the three brothers, pronouncing an engagement proposal to Yuuri. Elizabeth's real goal is to marry Wolfram, but Wolfram says that his only fiance is Yuuri. During the duel which ensues, (as Yuuri accidentally picked up a knife and a fork pointing it at Elizabeth; symbolizing a fight to settle a triangle love affair), Yuuri turns into the Maou, protecting Wolfram from being hurt by fire maryoku that Elizabeth summoned. He proclaims the two go on the date and remember their childhood memories. It is eventually learned that Wolfram slapped Elizabeth because he wanted to touch a butterfly that flew past, and Conrad was watching the entire event. He claimed he had forgotten about it because he did not want to embarrass Elizabeth.

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