Dunheely Weller
Danhi-ri Wera-
Character Details
Nationality Shin Makoku (formerly Shimaron)
Race Human
Age 89 (at death)
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Personal Status
Status Dead
Relatives Conrart Weller (son)

Cäcilie von Spitzweg (wife)

First Appearance
Japanese Voice Horiuchi Kenyuu

Dunheely Weller was a human who traveled around with only a sword.

He fell in love with Celi and settled down in Luttenberg. He became the first lord of Luttenberg.

He is remembered as the final descendant of the three Kings of Shimaron. He was banished from Shimaron and they placed two tattoos on his left arm, a symbol of banishment, and after that in Shimaron they told the public that the line had come to an end.[1]

His father was named Glen Gorden Weller (グレン・ゴードン・ウェラー).[2]


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