Yuuri goes into Gwendal's room to ask some advice on what to get Greta for her Greta Anniversary (something like her Shin Makoku birthday)
Gwendal suggests getting her a land and a castle. Yuuri says it's too much and that he wants to make something for her
Gwendal says that he will teach him how to make a knitted stuffed animal (a Bearbee)
They start knitting together and Yuuri asks Gwendal if it's not a problem that being the head of the Von Voltaire territory he's still not married neither does he have kids.
Gwendal explains that it is not necessary for a blood relative to inherit the territory. That since the Maou was chosen because he had a suitable soul, so do the heirs of the territories. He also says that there are still many places where the heirs have blood ties.
He then explains that since Yuuri's and Wolfram's engagement the same-sex marriages have been increasing
Yuuri then mentions that he was in Cherie's room not long ago and that the Queen pretty much made Anissina say she'll take care of Gwendal
Then Gwendal's arm starts decomposing.

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