Yuuri goes into Günter's room to ask for some advice on raising kids.
Since Günter also has an adopted daughter (Gisela) he wants to know if there are any tips Günter can give him. Günter explains that Gisela becoming his daughter was his mother's will.
Yuuri mentions that he thought maybe Günter wanted to marry Gisela. Günter throws a fit
Günter's nosebleed/runny nose problem starts again and Yuuri gives him some medicine he got from Anissina: There's a red pill and a blue pill. The red one works faster but isn't recommended for new users, yet Anissina says that in Günter's case he should take the red one. We discover that Yuuri actually came to see Günter to make him take the pill because Greta asked him to help Anissina. Günter tries to refuse it, but in the end he's forced to take it.

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