Yuuri goes into Conrad's room. He's not there. He then starts talking to the rubber duck. Conrad goes into the room and watches as Yuuri talks to the rubber duck.
They start talking then, about Shouri having a higher status than him in their household because he makes money, Conrad says that Shouri spoils Yuuri, and Yuuri says that's nothing compared to the way they spoiled their little selfish prince (Wolfram). Conrad says that him and Gwendal had nothing to do with Wolfram's personality, that he's just like his father (according to Cherie) and that Wolfram's dad died soon after he was born. He also says that Waltorana raised Wolf and Yuuri says he has to go meet him. Conrad said to make sure to bring the brooch he got from Wolfram with him or Waltorana will be so angry he'll cry.

They continue to talk about the rubber duck. Conrad says that Yuuri can take it with him for a bath. Yuuri then asks him about the duck. Conrad says it's an important item he was given 15 years ago. Yuuri asks by whom? Conrad says: You don't know? and then he tells Yuuri to guess and the cd ends.

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