Conrart Weller
Wera- kyou konra-to
Character Details
Occupation The Maou's guard
Nationality Shin Makoku
Race Half Mazoku
Birthday Summer
Age Unknown (around 100)
Gender Male
Eyes Light Brown with silver specks
Hair Dark Brown
Personal Status
Relatives Cäcilie von Spitzweg (Mother)

Dunheely Weller (Father)

Gwendal von Voltaire (Brother)

Wolfram von Bielefelt (Brother)

First Appearance
Novel Debut Kyou MA
Manga Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Morikawa Toshiyuki
English Voice Doug Erholtz


Conrart Weller is Yuuri's bodyguard. He's commonly referred to by Yuuri and a few other characters as Conrad because it's easier to pronounce for someone who is used to English. He is the second son of the previous Maou, Cäcilie von Spitzweg. His father Dunheely Weller, was from one of the Three Royal Families and was considered the greatest swordsman in Shin Makoku. Conrad is only half mazoku and because of this he possesses no maryoku. When Yuuri first came to the other world, Conrad was the one who found him and brought him to the castle.

He fought on the front lines for the Mazoku during a war against the humans 20 years ago. He and Josak are the only two survivors of the Battle of Arnold.

17 years before the present time, after the war had ended, he was put in charge of Julia's soul at her request. It had been decided that her soul was to be the next Maou and so Conrad was told to take the soul to Earth and to find a suitable family to raise the new Maou. In flashbacks, it is shown that Conrad was a reckless and rude person when he meet Yuuri's father, and Shouma got angry at him for it and told him he should always show a smiling face to his child and so Conrad changed.

When Murata is transported with Yuuri to Shin Makoku for the first time Yuuri meets up with Conrad. While trying to get Yuuri out of danger Conrad loses his left arm and disappears and is thought to be dead. Later, he reappears with a new arm. It is explained in the novels that this "new" is the arm of his ancestor Robert Belal who was transported to Earth in 1798 and after he died the arm never rotted so the arm was handed down through the generations of the family to his great great grandson Richard Dueter. When Conrad's arm was cut off Shinou took the arm and gave it to Conrad. This arm is the key to the forbidden box named End of Wind.

Lion of LuttenbergEdit

According to Wolfram, since Conrad was born in Luttenberg and he used to have longer hair, he was known as the "Lion of Luttenberg"[1]

It might also have to do with the fact that during the war 20 years ago he was the captain of the Luttenberg division, which was a division made up of only half blood troops. They fought at the Battle of Arnold.

Differences in the animeEdit

Instead of being a decedent of Page Belal, they show he had an ancestor named Lawrence Weller who fought alongside Shinou.

After Conrad loses his arm in a battle, he disappears after swearing to Yuuri that he'll never die and leave him alone. Later, he reappears with a new arm, and seems to have betrayed Shin Makoku by joining their human enemies, Big Shimaron, who were after the four boxes. However, it is learned that Conrad only betrayed them on Shinou's orders, to learn about the whereabouts of the boxes. His plan was, when the four boxes were gathered, to steal them and return to Shin Makoku. He went as far as pushing Josak off the edge of the cliff to show his alliance to Big Shimaron (although it turned out that was a feint to send Josak to retrieve reinforcements). When King Belar orders Conrad to execute Yuuri, Conrad instead frees them, and protects Yuuri from arrows. Once Conrad returns to Yuuri's side he states he'll accept any punishment given to him by Yuuri.

Conrad travels with Yuuri to Earth to obtain the last forbidden box. After they retrieved all the boxes and Shinou was released, Conrad lost the use of his left arm. He regained it once Yuuri was taken over by Shinou. He agreed to fight Yuuri because it would be what Yuuri wanted of him and the others. He is one of the first to greet Yuuri when he returns at the beginning of the 3rd season and the end of the 2nd season.

In the 3rd season Conrad travels with Murata to Big Shimaron to figure out the White Ravens mystery. While there, he infiltrates the castle stating he is one of the rightful heir's to the Big Shimaron throne. The Weller family had ruled Big Shimaron since Shin Makoku was founded. He once again stands on the opposites of battlefield in Big Shimaron against Yuuri but this time does not pretend to betray him.


  • Because he was heavily wounded in the war he has many scars. Particularly on his side.
  • Before the war he was considered to be lower class than the 10 noble families but because of his achievements during the war he was promoted to a status equaling the 10 Nobles. But Conrad gave up his rank in order to be Yuuri's body guard.
  • He has 80 years of experience with swords.
  • It was revealed in the manga that he once dated a half fish half human female.
  • He doesn't make the best jokes.
  • At 16 he decided to live as a mazoku rather than human.



  1. Kyou MA page 152

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