Chapter 68
Kanji N/A
English N/A
Novel Chapter Kitto MA, Itsuka MA
Page Count 16
Release Date April 24, 2011
Asuka Volume June 2011
Manga Volume Volume 12
Previous Chapter Chapter 67
Next Chapter Chapter 69

Yuuri wakes up in a dungeon with Flynn bringing him water. She thinks because he has the Wincott blood he is the key to a box. She tries to get him to drink but he refuses. She then puts the water in her mouth and forces him to drink it that way and leaves the room. Yuuri then thinks of Conrad and Gunter telling him to never eat or drink anything they didn't give him and neither of them are there anymore so he has to do it himself and so he shoves his fingers down his throat to force himself to throw up the water.

In another cell Murata tells Flynn if she hurts Yuuri he will never forgive her. Josak then comes to see Murata. Murata tell him he wants to hide his eye color and tells him he has the same hair and eye color as Yuuri. Josak says he's a soukoku and Murata laughs and says he hasn't heard that word in 4000 years. Josak then realizes who he is and calls him geika.

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